Where people, good causes and brands connect.

Causetap enables brands to make a real difference by rewarding
customer purchases and other online interactions with charitable giving.

Engagement through citizen philanthropy.

CauseTap empowers companies to support the causes that their customers
care about most, from human rights and environment to medical research.
Companies can align their brands with one or multiple causes.

A simple line of code seamlessly integrates our database of charitable partners
into an existing environment to transform any app or website into a force for good.
Companies choose which interactions will trigger charitable giving,
such as a purchase, newsletter sign-up, or social sharing.

We support iOS, Android, and Web.

Want to engage customers and increase the social impact of your brand?

Easy Integration
and Flexibility

Just a few lines of code enable your brand to stand out from the crowd to engage and retain users. You decide which actions to reward.

Select Which
Causes to Display

Align your brand with one or multiple charities, with the ability to switch quickly to launch emergency relief campaigns.

Full Transparency
and Control

Track activity from your own dashboard. Let your community know about the impact they are making.

A little goes a long way…

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